M21 First Impressions

Just a few first impressions on the new cards coming out.

Angelic Ascension (M21)

Potentially a 4/4 flyer on turn 2?

Containment Priest (M21)

It’s about time blink effects had some counterplay.

Light of Promise (M21)

I dunno, I can gain a LOT of life in a turn…

Pack Leader (M21)

14/10 would build a deck around

Selfless Savior (M21)

*sniff* He’s a good boy.

Frantic Inventory (M21)

I really like this. Empowers self-mill.

Rain of Revelation (M21)

Three cards for four mana is a good investment.

Teferi's Protege (M21)

Decent stats for the mana and a good ability.

Alchemist's Gift (M21)

Love this. It’s a Lash of Thorns with a bit more flexibility.

Archfiend's Vessel (M21)

What are you doing playing black? Sacrificing 1/1s and bringing stuff back from the graveyard. This rewards that.

Carrion Grub (M21)

I dunno, I can put some pretty big things into the graveyard… Plus self-mill.

Grasp of Darkness (M21)

It’s a nasty surprise for cheap.

Peer into the Abyss (M21)

This is going to be amazing in my Ob Nixilis/Underworld Dreams deck.

Silversmote Ghoul (M21)

Having trouble choosing between zombies and vampires? Have both!

Witch's Cauldron (M21)

A one-mana sacrifice enabler with two upsides.

Furor of the Bitten (M21)

ANYTHING that makes my Dreadhorde Arcanists a bigger threat is welcome, and this is just one mana. Plus, you can always cast it on a creature that your opponent doesn’t want attacking.

Life Goes On (M21)

That’s a lot of life for one mana.

Llanowar Visionary (M21)

It’s a Llanowar Elf AND an Elvish Visionary.

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